Continuous Integration - SQLite and SQLite3 builds added, CC.rb downtime during RailsConf

Hi all,

Good news:
ActiveRecord builds for SQLite and SQLite3 have been added to the CI build.

Bad news:
You can crash a Mac Mini. As we experimentally proved just a few days ago.

Some time last Saturday, the Mac Mini that runs out of the TW Chicago office
could not withstand the load from RailsConf anymore and went down (as
in "powered down and didn't try to reboot").

Since it was a long weekend, noone was there in the office to kick it
back up until today.

It's up and running now, and some ActiveSupport tests are broken.
Something to do with timezones, from the looks of it.

I am told that the big box to run multi-platform CI build for Rails is
finally in our hands, and we'll be migrating the whole setup to it
soon. Adding Linux, Windows, Oracle and SQLServer builds. Hopefully,
improving our uptime record, too.

Best regards,
Alex Verkhovsky