Spring restart required to get changes to local gem

When I was developing a gem locally and testing it by adding it to another project’s gem file, I had to restart spring each time I made a change to the gem. From what I read on stackoverflow, I shouldn’t have needed to restart spring each time and I spent quite a while investigating why my changes weren’t being applied before I found the solution. I never got to the bottom of why I had to restart spring when a colleague working on the same project didn’t need to.

That sounds super weird! Thank you for reporting it.

+1. When making some changes to Rails code and referring to it in my Gemfile with gem 'rails', path: '/path/to/rails, I need to restart my app every time I make a change in the Rails code.

The contributing to Ruby on Rails documentation also assumes that the app needs to be restarted every time.

The application generated in ~/my-test-app runs against your local branch and in particular sees any modifications upon server reboot.