Specifying format in ActiveResource

Hi all,

I have a need for making ActiveResource have the ability to specify
the format much like you can specify the site. So, right now (unless
I am not understanding the code, which could be, since I am a Rails
and Ruby newbie), all calls end up at http://something/call.xml. I
want to be able to call http://something/call.rss or .vcf, etc.

This is stemming from the Highrise api in 37 Signals's Highrise
product; I need to be able to call something other than the default
xml format.

Is this something that people think should be included in
ActiveResource? If so, I'd be happy to write a patch and unit tests,
etc, and submit it to trac; I thought I would ask here first, though.


Why do you need active resource to use this? ActiveResource won't be
able to use .rss instead of .xml, do you mean you want something like



Yes, I was looking for foo.to_vcf. For some reason I wanted to add
that to ActiveResource, but the more I thought about it, that has
nothing to do with what ActiveResource is about. Just bad judgement
on my part.