SOS, huge doubt about ruby on rails

burbu wrote:

I have to do a web application where I have to use ruby on rails. I have read some about it, but a partner told me something that I don't know if it is true. He told that creating a table of a data base ruby on rails, automatically creates two files html, one which shows the contents of you table and the other one, provides a html file to introduce data in your data base, is this true?? Because what i have to do is from an application form, getting all the parameters introduced by the user and then show them saying the operation has been all correct.

My guess is that your partner is trying to describe Rails' scaffolding. My recommendation would be to get a little hands-on experience to get a feel for yourself. There's a current one at Radar – O’Reilly that you can work through in a couple of hours. There are others on the Rails wiki at

hth, Bill