some redcloth questions

1) Is there a way to strip a redcloth string of all redcloth tags? I
need to display a snippet of the text in an index page and want all
markings removed. I used'a').methods but didn't find
anything appropriate. For now, I'm converting to html then stripping

2) what's the best practice in term of storing user's redcloth-
formatted text? store in markup, and convert to html on the fly?
store in markup and html both? store in html and convert to markup
using clothred for editing?

I add another column to my table paralleling the original column,
(i.e. body, filtered_body), and then use the before_save activerecord
callback to convert the textile content to html, and store the result
in filtered_body for display. That way it gets updated whenever you
make a change, but you aren't doing it on every page load...