Formatting output using redcloth and .to_html

Hi all,

I am trying to figure out a way to not chop off my text mid-word using truncate() and redcloth.

article_html is formatted with RedCloth
<%= truncate(post.article_html, 80) %>

I have a db table named Articles with (along with others) 2 columns “article_text” and “article_html”
article_html get’s populated by using a simple method with redcloth in the model


def before_save
self.article_html =

There are 2 views, index.rhtml and show.rhtml.

I call article_html,

the main index view, I want to truncate article_html to only display the first paragraph

blah …

and then of course the link to “show” will display the full article.

I’ve done stuff similar using textile with python, but I want to know the “Ruby Way” to do this.

I figure this is pretty basic that you can give me an example
with out me pasting code, but if you need me to, let me know and I will post