SiteMeter v.1.0 Web Stats plugin

This is a very cool plugin. I was thinking about developing the same
plugin. It would be nice to have the following features:

1) Calculate the conversion ratio (either how many users signup or buy
2) Show the entry and exit pages.
3) Navigation path of the users.
4) How much time users spend on reading the sales letter.
5) Traffic tracking to find the busiest day and time for the site.

I would be willing to work on these features and incorporate this into
the existing plugin. I know Google analytics provide some stats but it
is not a good idea to give such private information to Google.
Obviously they use that data to maximize their profits by charging
websites more for the Ads.

but you might want to pay a visit to the site first cause it hasn't reach the 5 visitors queue as
of yet :slight_smile:

Um, Patrick, the markup is pretty much broken.

In the top-level page, the first thing is a style element. Only after
that comes the doctype. The opening <html> tag is missing.

The individual frames begin with style elements. There are no doctypes,
no html, head, or body elements, just further HTML markup.

The encoding is not correctly specified for the contents, apparently it
ought to be UTF-8.


Um, Michael this is not my plugin, this is Thiago's :slight_smile:

Yes, I noticed it, but only after replying. Still, the markup is a mess.