SiteMeter v.1.0 Web Stats plugin

Looks like a really good kickstart to a "just what you want" stats add-

thanks for releasing ... sure I'll find a use for this soon

Thanks for all the feedbacks. Michael, the markup issue you pointed
out will be fixed soon.


Thiago, I documented the features because I had to remove the same
functionality in my app. Here it is:

1) Summary
Display graphs to show monthly and daily hits. Tabular display of
month, hits,
percentage and unique visits for monthly hits. Tabular display of day,
percentage and unique visits for daily hits.

2) Hourly Statistics for a chosen period (month/year). Tabular display
hour, hits and percentage with the last column showing a bar graph.

3) Referrer Statistics
Page URLs Top 30 - Tabular display of Hits, Page URL and Percentage
Referrers - Top 30 - Tabular display of Hits, Referrer and

4) Search Statistics
  Robots/Crawlers, Top Domains - Tabular display of hits and domain,
Search Strings - Top 30

5) Visitor Info
Hosts - Tabular display of Hits, Hostname (IP Address), Percentage.
Operating Systems - Tabular display of Hits, Operating System,
Browsers - Tabular display of Hits, Browser, Version, Percentage
Languages - Top 15 - Tabular display of hits, language and percentage.

Please include it in either README file or on the home page. This will
help developers to see whether they need to write code for additional