Sitemap generator

I used a sitemap generator gem, it created a sitemap.xml.gz (after I installed the gem and ran the ruby script) I added this file to google search console, but it doesn’t like it. It says, your Sitemap appears to be an HTML page. Please use a supported sitemap format instead.

any suggestons?

Don’t really know, sorry.

Perhaps this issue might better be brought to the gem, they might have an idea? Or perhaps a site such as StackOverflow might be better place to get answers to debugging questions such as these? Good luck finding your answer!

oh i found a website called pro sitemaps that will scan your url and create a sitemap for you and then you can sumbit it to google search console.

How does your app generate the sitemap? Show us some examples. With:

In Rails you may need to define a route, controller action and xml view for your sitemap controller , such as:
def sitemap
  respond_to :xml
  expires_in 123_456, public: true
<sitemapindex xmlns="">
    <loc><%= "SITEMAP_UPLOAD_HOST/sitemap.xml.gz" %></loc>

Where SITEMAP_UPLOAD_HOST may be AWS S3. You can configure the rest in config/sitemap.rb in Rails