A rails sitemap plugin

Hi, guys:

I wrote a sitemap plugin for rails yesterday. This plugin will
generate the public/sitemap.xml from config/sitemap.rb whose format is
very familiar to config/routes.rb.
I think it is very helpful if you have a website written by rails and
want it to be crawled by spiders such as google, yahoo and baidu.

The home page of the plugin is http://github.com/flyerhzm/sitemap/tree/master

The following codes is the config/sitemap.rb using in my website

Sitemap::Routes.host = 'http://www.huangzhimin.com'

Sitemap::Routes.draw do |map|
  map.resources :projects
  map.resources :entries
  map.resources :posts
  map.resources :categories, :except => ['index', 'show'] do |
    category.resources :posts, :except => 'show'
  map.resources :tags, :except => ['index', 'show'] do |tag|
    tag.resources :entries, :except => 'show'
  map.root :controller => 'pasters', :action => 'index'

You can see the generated sitemap.xml in http://www.huangzhimin.com/sitemap.xml,
and this sitemap.xml is successfully submitted to google.

Hope it is useful to you!