Site is Down! Please help!!

Hi everyone!

I sort of inherited the management of a Ruby Website running on a Mac and I have not had too much time to get onboard the rails!

Long story short, we had a power failure and upon restarting the server....our site no longer comes up. Can anybody help???

Thanks so much!!!!

This is a complete guess, but if the app is running off a mongrel cluster you need to cd to the app's folder and run mongrel_rails cluster::start


Vertigo.. this is quite complicated. There can be many things wrong. Maybe you just need to run a few commands (as Frederick Cheung typed) to get it to run. But that depends on the site's setup. If you don't know how they did it, then you'd be shooting at the dark, especially if you don't know RoR :slight_smile:

I would hunt down the ones that used to maintain, and get a hold of the documentation (pray that there is).