site content blocks

newbie question:

what is the best way in rails to make content managed data that isn't
iterated? eg. on a 'contact us' page i have an business address field
that the client needs to be able to update, and there are many other
fields on the site that need to be content managed.... should i create
one table that stores all this data and access it in the pages action?

i've created a table called 'blocks' which contains fields 'id',
'name' and 'content'

and in the controller

def contactus
     address = Block.find(:first, :conditions => { :name =>

which i can then access from the view, except this seems cumbersome.

better ideas?

How about creating a model (and a table) called contact

You're code will be a lot cleaner and meaningfull.

usually compagnies have multiple contacts they like to make visible,
having a model for such purpose should provide good starting point and
allow for expension (like one business contact, the invoicing contact,