simple rjs works in firefox not in IE (no tables involved)


i just can't give up on this.. trying to get some basic RJS working in IE (tried on 6 and 7) and getting an RJS Error : object error.. the thing is simple.. i have a link_to_remote, a div tag, a partial (was a form but changed it so it contains only '<b>test</b>' for debugging purposes). when i click on the link i get the error. because i'm using RJS its a Request object instead of an Update one. i've made sure my javascripts were up to date. the includes are there also (this thing does work in firefox).

i've included an RJS debug script (as shown on railsweenie) so i can take a peek at the JS that is being returned and throwing an exception. here is what i copied from the bottom of the page where my debug div was:

[Tue Nov 7 11:25:06 UTC-0400 2006] accessing /wellness/phys_form

http status: 200

<pre>try {$("phys_form").update("<b>test</b>"); $("phys_form").visualEffect("blind_down"); } catch (e) { alert('RJS error:\n\n' + e.toString()); alert('$(\"phys_form\").update(\"<b>test</b>\");\n$(\"phys_form\").visualEffect(\"blind_down \");'); throw e }</pre>}

interesting that the bottom part actually showed the '<pre>' tags instead of interpreting them.. also a noted weird thing is below the debug div i have the 'phys_form' div.. when i copied the message at the botto, althought it was not visible even when highlighting it, the 'test' text from the partial did somehow get into the clipboard!!! Odd isn't it?

Anybody know what the hell is going on here?? The site is an https if that makes any difference..

thanks in advance.. stuart

i commented out the blind_down and now it doesn't throw the error.. anybody know why IE doesn't seem to like this visualization? i'd still like to use it if possible.. i'll try the simpler hide/show in the meantime and see if everything else works.

thanks in advance