simple ( i think ) question about views

Hey there,

i have have been able to build a login controller on my groups model
and it works ( used the ruby cookbook example ) . Now that its working,
i want to put it in a side bar that will be there through out the
application. If the user is logged in , it will say so and have a
logout link or button, if not, the login and password form will be
Ok, i know how to do most of this, but i do not know how to mix views
together. I have a login.rhtml, a logout.rhtml, and
process_login.rhtml. The only one i use is the login.rhtml because the
controllers just redirect around.

Now, what i don't know how to do is add my login or logout to the main
application view so it will stay.
Anyone know a good pointer, how-to, or tutorial for this?


Hey thanks for that link to your blog. i like your example too.
Thats kinda what I want to do. I need the side bar, but also some links
to other stuff.
thanks again.