Forms + Partials integration in login

Hi all,

I'm new at rails, so maybe my problem is very stupid.

I've used act_as_authenticated to generate a login/logout/signup controllers and it all works fine.

However, I've put both views login and logout into a partial inside my main layout.

My problem is that these partials need to be loaded by the layout, and I don't know how to call the previously default actions ('login' and 'logout' of my controller) when i submit the forms (the login is represented as a form).

I really appreciate your help, hugo

could you be more precise ? I can speculate...

  you can call controller methods in a view:

<% controller.the_method(some_variable,some_other) %>

I got it, my problem was the call of the login/logout action.

I know do

<%= start_form_tag :controller => 'conta', :action => 'login' -%> ...

The next step is to try to do it using ajax, so i just refresh the partials, not the entire page.