Simple CMS to add a few pages to an existing site

I’m not having much luck with RefinaryCMS (support channel not very active) so was wondering what to try next?

You'll probably get better recommendations if you define your exact

Input: who's going to be using this, how technical are they, what
  format is the content being added (html, text, markdown, liquid, ?)

  How frequently will the content change?

  How much metadata needs to be associated with each "page"?
  (e.g. title, author, creation date, ___ ?)

Output: are these just static pages (in which case a simple static
  site generator might be enough), are these snippets wrapped in
  dynamic pages, ____ ?


Just a few pages. Not updated that often. Possibly a fee images. Think I will build it from scratch. On reflection CMS seems a bit OTT.