CMS functions for a Rails web application


I'm a newbie to Ruby on Rails, but I'm very attracted to this awesome web technology. The only thing I'm wondering about, is how you can add CMS-like functionality to your Rails website.

Do you implement the CMS functions yourself, using Ruby Gems, or do you pick a Rails CMS like Refenery CMS, Locomotive CMS etc ...

I'm especially interested in a very lightweight CMS, and I'm wondering what's the best strategy:

just implement the CMS functions myself or use a Rails CMS solution like Refinery CMS, Locomotive CMS, etc ...

The honest answer is "it depends". Do you need the multi-user goodies of Refinery, providing you a full suite of editing and publishing controls? Do you need to manipulate a site "tree" and place content in a hierarchy? If your needs are simple, you might be best served by writing something yourself. It will be just enough to do what you need, and you'll know where the bodies are buried. But if an honest assessment of your needs turns up some of the things that an existing solution does well, you may as well just use it and learn what it can do. You may end up adding features -- for free -- that you didn't know you needed.