Simple Backup???

I am simply trying to backup a ruby on rails app... I have created an
archive of the entire database and application folders on server A...
I then restore the database and application folders on server B....

Server B is exactly the same as A (same OS, same ruby, gems, etc...)

However when I go to the site on server B, all I see is:

Welcome aboard
You’re riding Ruby on Rails!

I've checked and all of the files are in the folders, the DB has data
in it, I've rebooted apache...

What else do I need to do?

Is the Apache config the same, is the routes.rb correctly configured?

Maybe I'm stating the obvious, but it seems to suggest that you have
not backup/copied the public directory, and so your app is picking up
public/index.html. If public/index.html exists, just delete it.

Yes and Yes

If you see that message, then you still have a public/index.html file which should have been gone a long time ago!

Delete that (or rename it) and then see what error you get.



Thanks Andy and ayupmeduck...

Yes, this was the issue (Sorry, I'm mostly a LAMP guy, this was
probably pretty obvious to Rails developers)... In our clean scripts
we were running a command to create a new Rails project before we
restored. I got rid of this and started with a clean folder and
everything works great now.

Thanks again!