Should there be `rails rename` command?

Hello guys,

I found out a request ticket here: regarding renaming the application name in Rails 3.

It seems to me that it's harder to rename an application in Rails 3, since there're namespaces and classes hard-coded in several files.

So, do you think it would help to add `rails rename new_app_name` to the list of actions, so users don't have to struggle with having to rename those files by themselves?


Prem Sichanugrist

Boilerplate code is what it is, if you start trying to pick through it to help with common tasks, where does it end? Something like renaming a resource happens far more often than renaming a rails app, and yet there's no expectation that the framework will do anything to help users do that.

My 2ยข is that generating code is worthwhile, editing existing code is not. After the code is generated, it's up to the user.

I'm sold by your reply. Will reply to that ticket with 'No' response
then :slight_smile: