Creating an app with a name different from its directory

Is there any chance this small patch could go into 2.0?

It just decouples the application name and destination directory.

Before the patch, your app would always be named the same
as its containing directory:

    rails myapp/trunk

With the patch, you can name your app something different:

    rails --app-name=myapp myapp/trunk

I have some automated Rails generating scripts that need this
so I'm really hoping it's not to late for something like this to make
it into trunk.

Comments? Thanks,

    - Scott

Hey Scott,

Is there any reason why you wouldn't just do:

  rails myapp
  mv myapp trunk


Are you creating a bunch of applications at once?



We already have RC1. If we're going to be professional about stuff, new features have to pass an extremely high bar to get included in the release. After reaching the RC stage, usually all you want to be doing is fixing bugs. But don't worry, there will be a 2.0.1 release some day!