Should I learn Ruby on Rails? What book?

Hey there,

I'm a web developer, I've already mastered (well at least it sounds
good) another framework - PHP Symfony - it's a great framework and
it's very similiar to Ruby on Rails.

But when I watch these screencasts I just feel like PHP language will
never be so simple and so - beautiful...

As you're all here Rails experts I suppose you would advice me to
learn Rails. I thought I would buy the beta book Agile development,
but shouldn't I wait for the final release?

Thank you all :slight_smile:

Hi There,
Welcome to the Rails community.

Just recently a new range of guides were released & the starting one
to check out is 'Getting Started with Rails'
That along with all the others can be found here:

A great place to start....
HTH - Dave Porter

Thank you very much, it looks great :slight_smile:

Is this for the latest version - 2.2 ? (Or at least Rails 2)

It is for rails 2.2 and i believe they will get updated as new rails
versions are released.

You will need to learn Ruby also
David A Black's book "Ruby for Rails" is excellent. He is also writing
"The well grounded Rubyist" which is due out soon and the preview is
great. David has the ability to explain things in a manner that
actually tells you how it works. Most other books I have read tell you
"this is just like the blah function in C or Pearl". If you don't know
c or pearl, you are SOL.

Good luck and Welcome to the wonderful world of Ruby and Rails and now

The above mentions are great (and I love the Ruby for Rails book). I
would also recommend Agile Web Development 3 (
SimplyRails 2 and The Art of Rails. Also, learn Ruby as well, you will
be happy.

Ordered Ruby for Rails hope it will be great :slight_smile:

Yes I want to learn Ruby, and I'm doing it right now :slight_smile: You know, I'm
just not too patient, so I'm trying directly Rails. But yesterday I've
been playing with it, and it was really difficult, as I don't know
Ruby. So I can't wait for the book.

Thank you people great help :slight_smile: