Shift from mongrel to webrick

Hi Everyone

I have installed mongrel gem and in my dev I can able to run my app on mongrel but If I want to shift to webrick how can I shift easily with out uninstalling the mongrel gem

Thanks in advance

That depends on how you have mongrel running and I definitely would
not shift to webrick, webrick is not a production ready server, of
course it's getting better over the years but there are certainly more
robustly designed solutions like Puma and the always seems to be
favored Unicorn.

Thanks Jordon for your quick response I agree with you but I want to know is do we have any other way to shift the to shift from mongrel to webrick with out uninstall the mongrel gem. If we uninstall the gem rails will pick webrick by default I knew that. Wanna know is there any other alternative for this thing

Let's see: I have a command `rails server` and I wonder if there are
command options. Oh, how about I try `rails server --help` ...

The option is: rails s <server>
So: rails s webrick

Thanks Jordon it worked.

I need some good tutorials to learn rails3 with detail any suggestions plzā€¦

As always, which is free to use online, though I see
this was suggested to you (by myself and others) in August 2012,
February 2012, December 2011 and August 2011