session variable becomes nil after paypal redirect

Hi All,

I am using PAYAPAL payment type in my application where I am storing the user’s product id in a session. But the session variable becomes nil when the page is redirected back to my application from PAYPAL website, any suggestion will be really appreciated.



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Hi loganathan,

I also faced this issue.

My devise logout once paypal redirect to my site.

:return => return_url,

:custom => “test”,

:rm => 1,

This may be you are passing wrong values.

In my case, before i set “rm” value 2. so that my devise get logout. but i dont know this is the real cause.

Once i change rm to 1 my issue solved.

So please check your passing param value to paypal.

Thank you!


Hi Saravanan,

Thanks, Fixed it by disabling the forgery protection for PAYPAL post request.

Ain’t :rm stands for redirect method? You got to use GET because with POST redirect without authenticity token of rails app your session will be cleared as a security measure.