redirect_to paypal with encrypted attributes via controller


I have a form below which submits fine to paypal with the encrypted parameters,

<%= form_tag APP_CONFIG[:paypal_url] do %>   <%= hidden_field_tag :cmd, "_s-xclick" %>   <%= hidden_field_tag :encrypted, @order.paypal_encrypted %>   <p><%= submit_tag "Checkout with Paypal" %></p> <% end %>

If I try to send the form direct from the controller it doesnt work, ive tried various combinations, see below:

redirect_to(" xclick&encrypted=" + @order.paypal_encrypted) and redirect_to URI.encode("Digital Wallets, Money Management, and More | PayPal US | PayPal US? cmd=_s-xclick&encrypted=" + @order.paypal_encrypted)

Is this even possible and anyone know whats the best way to do it?


You would probably need to make your redirects into POSTs somehow, not GETs.

Thanks for the reply, i had looked at this option as an alternative and will press ahead. Its very unlikely a user will have js disabled but if they do then i can show the form and then let them post manually.