Session Store Issues on Production Server


I am using AuthLogic as my authentication gem. Everything is great on my development server. When I upload to my passenger driven production server at Dreamhost, the sessions are persisting relentlessly. In other words, a user cannot log out. I have tried implementing the Active Record session store and have changed the :secret key in initializers/session_store.rb, but for some reason, it is not resetting my users. Another interesting note is that in the Appplication Controller if I force current_user_session to return false, the user is logged out (of course). The problem seems to be coming from user_session.delete.

Has anyone encountered this before? Is there something in Rack that is holding this back?


Another interesting note is that this problem is agnostic to the browser. Deleting sessions and cookies has no effect on it whatsoever. This leads me to believe that the issue is server based with Rack somewhere.

It has been suggested that this issue may be related to the version of Passenger that is running on Dreamhost. I have been able to isolate the issue to Passenger because it does not occur when the site is running on mongrel. I believe the source of the issue is in the way Passenger is dealing with the sessions. Has anyone had any experience with this?