Session Issues

When using rails 2.3.1 (does not apply to 2.3.0) I am having issues with destroying sessions (or logging out). It also only applies when using passenger.

Conditions: Rails 2.3.1 Passenger 2.0.6 Restful Authentication or Clearance

When using mongrel everything works as it should.

I ran into the same thing, I believe it's related to some of the Rack changes and is resolved in the Passenger 2.1.1 beta.

On a related Lighthouse ticket someone suggested that this issue isn't that well publicised and I'd tend to agree. Is there anything we can do to make sure this doesn't trip people up or did I miss something?

As mentioned on the “last call for patches” thread: Rails 2.3 is not supported on Passenger 2.0.6.

Phusion guys will try to sync the release of Passenger 2.1.x with Rails 2.3 this weekend.

I seem to be also seeing this faulty session behavior using nginx and mongrel clusters. Does anyone know if nginx is working on an update to support these new Rails 2.3 / Rack sessions?