Sending vars from Flash to Rails - how to use auth_token

OK I finally am able to get a filereference uploader to send files to
rails from Flash. I had to turn the auth_token off using:

skip_before_filter :verify_authenticity_token, :only => 'upload_photo'

But, for security I want to turn it back on. But I'm unable to get
Flash to send the vars correctly. I am able to grab the auth token
with some Javascript and I then use:

variables = new URLVariables();
variables.authenticity_token = paramList["authenticityToken"];
var request = new URLRequest(UPLOAD_URL);
request.method = URLRequestMethod.POST; = variables;

Is that correct? The variable in an html rails form uses the same var
"authenticity_token" so I would assume it's the same, but it's not

I think you’re on the
right track; we use:

        request=new URLRequest("/line_items");



One gotcha I ran into is authenticity_tokens are not URI-safe, which
was causing intermittent failures for me depending on the value of a
given authenticity_token. So when I’m pulling it from the flashvars I


Glancing at the doc for URLVariables, I don’t think it does that for
you; you need to do it yourself.




Hmm, I tried doing: = "authenticity_token="+paramList["authenticityToken"]

instead of variables, and still nothing. One thing I did notice... I
made a dynamic field on the stage and put the auth_code in there to
see if it was working. I'm not sure why, but for some reason the field
won't include any + signs. there's spaces there, and when I look in
the form field in html on the same page I have my flash, the spaces
are + signs. Not sure if that's a reason..

I had discussed that
in my previous reply. You need to URI-encode the authenticity_token
before sending it back.



It still won’t work. This issue has been discussed in the past (I know cos I participated in it and provided a nice course of action to get it working :-)).

The post is about integrating SWFUpload with Rails and pass it on to attachment_fu, but variants such as custom Flash uploaders and Paperclip instead of attachment_fu should be easy to deduce from my information.

Okay, I was talking about the general case of Flash talking to Rails,
not about file uploading in specific.

What I did works for me :wink: