Sending thousands of email with ar_mailer


to send an email with ar_mailer I need to generate it and save it to
the db, right?

Currently the code looks very simple:
Newsletter.recepients.each do |recepient|
  NewsletterMailer.deliver_dedicated(request, recepient, newsletter)

But for i.e. 30000 receivers it's going to take a long while anyway.
Should I create them somehow in the background using BackgrounDRb or
something similar? If I should, then I could get rid of the ar_mailer
and just send all emails in the background... The only advantage of
ar_mailer in this case would be the functionality to send emails in

Any thoughts?

The use of backgroundrb is to divorse the long running the tasks from

if you use ar_mailer you rails app will be overloaded. So its better to
go with backgroundrb.