sending html email w/o template


i want to send html emails. i have a field containing a full html doc structure and i would like to send that. basically the user brings that and saves it to the db.

i have tried various methods, with and without mailer template, also with yield in the template, but i am not getting the user provided html out (render?)

so, in short how do i send html w/o a template, or can the template be empty?


I send mail from the database in my app. It is plain not html but generally will do what you want. Take a look at the source in Open Campground™ - Free Complete System Downloads. Download the source and look in reservation_controller and in res_mailer.rb model. This is rails 2.3.18 but it might be of some help. It processes through liquid but that should not add much confusion.


Could also probably use Mailchimp or sendgrid…