sending mail [not the ActionMailer way?]

Hi folks,

I've recently stepped away from PHP web dev and I'm trying out ROR now.
I like it so far. But there's something I cannot figure out on my own.

Searching on the API of ROR and Google about the possibilities of
sending emails with ROR only gave me the ActionMailer way of sending
mails. What I want to do is to send a mail where the body is submitted
by a user. ActionMailer is requiring templates as far as I've
understood. But the body of the mail should be written by the user in a

Is there a function like PHP's mail(); to achieve this functionality? Or
am I overseeing something?

Thanks in advance,


Ofcourse, pretty stupid of myself.

I could just put an empty template in there and substitute it with the
text from the form.

Man I think I've been working too long. Time for a break!

Thanks again.