Sending custom headers in Find method in ActiveResource:Base

Hi there,

About this method:

How do I set custom headers?

I am communicating with a Rest API that requires a cookie.

I've tried a lot of different things, searches and been looking for a
solution a long time now.

Please help.



No one knows?

I don't think anyone really knows what you're asking. What do you mean
by "custom headers" in a find? Headers have nothing to do with an AR
find. Are you talking about browser headers (I guess it's something to
do with a browser, as you mention cookies, but you don't say anything
else about the problem domain.

I've tried to monkey paths rails to do this, but didn't work.

What "didn't work"? What was the functionality you were trying to
achieve? How did you try to patch it? What result did you get (which
as you say, wasn't what you wanted - but *something*, even just an
error, must have happened).

Please help :slight_smile:

In four days you haven't yet read the ActiveResource documentation?

Or just tried googling `ActiveResource headers` ?!?

Of course... you pointed the ActiveResource, and I've assumed
ActiveRecord. Sorry for that. But still, you're not really doing
enough to answer your own question:

I'll try to rephrase:

I'm trying to forward a cookie from the user-end to the API that
receives the request from ActiveResource::Base.find

What I want to be able to do in my Controller is this:

User.find(1, :headers => { :cookies => session['user'] }

And have this send the cookie from the user browsing my site, to the API
that is specified in

I'm sorry for ambiguity earlier. Hopefully it is clearer now :slight_smile:

This guy understood my problem, and answered accordingly: