Sending cell phone text messages with a Rails app running on Ubuntu. How to do it overview?

I have a Tracfone here with 5660 ‘texts remaining’ which I would ordinarily call the clumsiest Android cell phone I ever grumbled at. On the Ubuntu side, I have a Bluetooth radio dongle and Bluetooth software. OK, anybody got encouragement, examples or ideas on how to send cell phone text messages from the Rails application to the cell phone? For simplification purposes, I suppose I can use Rails to write a text file. Then the problem is to present the text file to the right program inside the Android phone. Well thanks for your thoughts.

I doubt it is possible (without circumventing some security protocols) to send messages to the phone and treat them like text messages. Even all those online text messaging services had to send real SMS afaik.

I would assume your best option is to use a provider like Twilio to send SMS.

Unless I understood you wrong and you actually want to send the text to your phone and let your phone send this text as a SMS to some receiver number?

In that case you would need to contact the Android API to send SMS messages. As this might not be possible from the outside, you might have to write or install an Android app that offers an API to do this.