Sending file from mobile phone to Rails app

Hi guys,

So I'm trying to add the ability to send files (pictures) from mobile
phones to my Rails app using an SMS number, NOT an email address.
Can anyone share how this is done?


Won't you need the help of a company that deals with SMS numbers? You
can't randomly pluck them out of the air.

Then, odds are, you'll want to covert it to an email to make life
simple. But most people these days can send SMS messages to email, so
why pay the extra for the SMS number?


Thanks, everyone.

Yes Ivo, I actually meant MMS. But it looks like the pseudocode you
reference requires the user to send to a traditional email address.

For some web apps, the user can simply enter a number (say '12345') as
the recepient of the MMS. Does anyone know how this works? Would this be
the solution by Singlepoint that Alex refers to?


Yes, you basically pay for a service that accepts the sms messages for you and then enables you to either fetch them. Depending on the service you choose, you can make the sms sender pay for the cost of the sms, but mostly you still have to pay a service fee to the company accepting them (the more sms you receive, the less your personal cost becomes). The e-mail based solutions are a lot cheaper.

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Peter De Berdt

We've just launched a new low cost SMS Gateway where you can set up
inbound SMS.

Its called

Give it a go - possibly it will match your requirements


Why do I see .php at the end of your webpages? Change them to /webpage/
pagename and then we'll be happy. Lol, jk.

These solutions all seem to be text-only SMS.
Are there any MMS solutions for RoR where a user can send pics to my


Just choose one like 2ergo that has an XML api and write a ruby class around it.

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Peter De Berdt