select_time / select current time + 15 min

hej there

i call select_time in my view as follows:

<%= select_time(, { :default =>, :minute_step =>
15, :time_separator => ':', :include_seconds => false } %>

now i want the dropdown boxes to be set default to the current time +
rounded up to the next 15 min. so if we've 11:38, they should show

it already shows the 11 in the hourbox but the minutes remain 00.

another problem seems to be that the browser remembers my selections
in the dropdown boxes. so on reload, the page shows the time i
previously selected instead of the current time. how can i solve that?

thanks alot for your help!

*hrmpf*. once again, forget about it...

sometimes i should turn on my brain :wink: