Newbie: Want to use time_select to partial fill a datetime field


Our Database schema, and hence Our Model has a few datetime columns/ fields. But when entering new instances, We only want to present time (i.e. HH:MM) in in our HTML views to the user. The time_select looks useful, because it has an attractive minute_select: =>15, so the user can enter 1/4 hours increments. The idea being that we would default the Date part of Datetime attribute to, prior to the Save in our Model.

The problem is the default RAILS <%Forms %> to Active_record constructs, presumes that all the Form Input fields are to map directly onto the corresponding DateTime attributes in the model> This results in calendar Day:Month:Year fields being presented, which is excessive to the user. We cannot find anu obvious shortcut datetime => time RHTML mechanisms in the basic RAILS material. Do any exist ?

Without any time columns/fields in the database, and hence the model, we cannot make use time_select in our rhtml views. So I guess the only real option is that I go back to raw Form html, for this particular reduced time field, name and extract explicitly in my controller. Is this a common problem ? and typical approach to adopt ?