Hello ROR community at large,

I am seeking some help for a fairly simply Ruby On Rails/Facebook project which could help greatly in an intense local anti-fracking campaign in Colorado.

I am a ROR beginner, but do not have the expertise to knock out this project quickly; but I have been a database developer for over 20 years, and can provide excellent support. I am familiar with Engine Yard, Heroku and github, and hope this project can be done using all open source, free services.

The need is this: my local anti-fracking group badly needs an online database to help us support a political campaign against fracking in the local area. All we need is (1) a data entry form to create a record, and then (2) a form to allow us to edit a record, then (3) a form to allow us to download a select list from the database in a csv file.

All of the surrounding communities where I live in Lafayette, CO are about to be invaded by gas wells getting drilled within the city limits of our towns, such as Boulder, Longmont, Erie, Lyons, and outlying parts of Denver, such as Commerce City and Aurora. This is known as the Front Range, and we are about to become the national battleground of the oil & gas industry versus alternative energy -- and I need your help.

If you don't know about fracking, but want to find out, go search for watching the full length documentary GASLAND (, or watch "The Sky Is Pink" on YouTube, a short sequel.

Basically, we a simple online database (described above) on a website, plus a button from our Facebook page for East Boulder County United (see Redirecting...)

to the database.

If anybody is willing to help me with this, please let me know at

Thank you for your time, Rick Casey Lafayette, CO