Seeking Cofounder (aka ninja, rockstar, superman, etc)

Hi Aaron,

I'd be interested in hearing more about your idea.

I'm currently employed as the lead developer for, a SaaS
startup based in NYC. I telecommute from Fort Worth, Texas. The
business side of my current situation isn't shaping up as I'd
envisioned and so I've started looking for my next adventure.
Something that can be started part time as you've described would be

My past employers range from the Fortune 50, including IBM and
American Airlines / Sabre, to startups one. I've done five startups
total, two of them my own. The first I sold. The second was my first
major Rails effort which I ultimately closed and open-sourced the
code. I began my career in development, did the stereotypical 'climb
the ladder' thing spending a substantial portion of my career in
Project Management / Management, and then moved back into hands-on
development about 5 years ago after discovering Rails.

I am a student of Business. Software, for me, has always been a tool
for addressing business needs. My library contains more business
books than technical books. My "if you can only take 3" are "The
Discipline of Market Leaders", "The Service Profit Chain", and
"Crossing the Chasm."

If the above interests you, let's talk.

Best regards,

Bill -

Can you email me at aprice @ ready set wow .com (no spacses, obviously)
so we can talk? I can't find any contact info from you here.


Bill Walton wrote: