Seeking clarification on Maintenance Policy

Hello Rails Core!

Xavier advised me to ask below question here.

I am trying to understand which Rails release series will be supported when Rails 6.0 is released in April 2019. Maintenance Policy documentation suggests that only 5.2.z and 6.0.z will be supported. (Or at least that’s what I understand from “For severe security issues all releases in the current major series, and also the last major release series will receive patches and new versions.”)

However, this seems a bit aggressive given that 5.2.z was released just a few months ago.

On a slightly related note, I’d be happy to add some sort of gantt chart making the policy clear.


  • Malav

Hi Malav,

We don’t have a release schedule for Rails 6 yet, but “some time next year” is a good assumption.

When that happens: 6.1.0-alpha will receive new features, 6.0.z will receive bug fixes, 6.0.z and 5.2.z will receive security fixes, and 6.0.z and 5.2.z will receive severe security issues. But when it comes to severe security issues, we have occasionally in the past expanded the series range. But the only guarantee we’re making from the core team is that it’s those.

We are, however, always interested in looking for collaborators who have the capability and interest in offering expanded coverage beyond the basic Rails core group guarantees. If you or others would like to, say, offer support to 4.2.z on severe security fixes, please do get in touch!