Rails 5 bump

Hi rails team,

will there be a rails upgrade anytime soon?
There is one fix in this comparison, which we would like to have in 5.2 as upgrade to 6 takes a bit longer :frowning:


It would be cool to know a timeline for this.



Hi Lutz,

Based on the maintenance policy (https://guides.rubyonrails.org/maintenance_policy.html) there probably won’t be another 5.2.x which contains those bug fixes.

I suggest you to point your Gemfile to 5-2-stable instead while you’re working on upgrading to 6.0.

Thank you,


Hi Prem,

thank you very much for your reply.

Is this an official statement or more an interpretation of the MaintenancePolicy.

I am askign, because I would see it a bit differently.
With rails, there was a HotFix change, which lead to certain tests for the rails framework to be broken. I mean Specifically this change:

And there is a followup change to fix the ActionController::TestSession as this behaves differently in now.

In 5-2-stable there is a fix for this included, and I really question, why this does not warrant a new 5.2.x version.

I would love to hear more opinions here.