Seek advice : How to learn ruby on rails as professional?


I wonder if you could get me more know about ruby on rails (development life cycle) and how to prepare my self for cracking interview question.


please give idea and suggest me for this

The Rails Tutorial is where a lot of people start.

The Odin project’s Ruby on Rails course is also a good first introduction to Rails.

The Rails 5 Way is a very good book that will give you a good insight to the “Rails” way of doing a lot of things. Rails is currently up to version 6 but the Rails 6 way has not been released yet. You would still get a lot out of going through the version 5 book here

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Thank you Adam Pallozziadampal

one more thing, How to do practice on data structure and algorithm in ruby, suggest book, tutorial, etc.

thank you

I started learning rails with zero knowledge, this was my approach and I hope it will help you as well.

First complete the official rails tutorial and always make go through this page

Don’t waste a-lot of time doing tutorials, look for a project and build it, if you run into an issue ask it in stackoverflow, we learn by doing.

I started learning in a bootcamp, but I ended up leaving because it wasn’t fast paced enough for me. But, I highly recommend building your own projects for a portfolio. Use the documentation is amazing.

Also, look into some books and online tutorials. has a lot of good tutorials and lessons.