Search by Console

Hi all,

I am currently trying to get a bunch of links to to display all the
related console records upon button click so e.g. If a user clicks on
the Dreamcast link then I would like it to display all records that have
Dreamcast stored as their console.

I have the following example code in my index class:

<%= link_to 'DREAMCAST', games_path(:console => 'Dreamcast')%>

the above code is repeating for each individual console.

Now in my gamescontroller I have the following in my index:

  def index
    @games = Game.paginate(:per_page => 4, :page =>
    @games = @games.find_by_console(params[:console]) unless

The problem I receive is that when I click on the Gaming section of my
website I receive the following error message which I assume is to say
activerecord is not connecting:

undefined method `find_by_console' for

How would I go about solving this problem I have come across?