script/process/spawner freezing


I have about eight active RoR sites right now. Of the eight, six are on Rails 1.1.6 and they deploy correctly every time. Two are on Rails 1.2.3, and those two do not deploy correctly. The cap deploy command runs successfully until the restart, and then it hangs:

    [lx07] executing command ** [out :: lx07] sudo -u wwwrun /usr/local/rails/mysite/current/script/process/spawner -r 30 -p 9070 -i 3 ** [out :: lx07] => Starting FCGI dispatchers

Now, the FCGI dispatchers do restart, and everything is running fine, just that Capistrano hangs waiting for it to complete and I have to abort the script with a control-c.

If I login to the server using the deploy user id, and run the restart command listed above, it completes just fine.

What might cause spawner to freeze in this manner?

Thank you.

Regards, Rich