script/generate broken on vendored rails2.3.4 project

I was trying to add cucumber to a project which is using rails2.3.4
(which is vendored). The script/generate cucumber step is failing.

I first thought that this was a problem specific to cucumber but it
appears that script/generate is broken in general:

$ script/generate model foo --backtrace
undefined method `exists' for #<ActiveSupport::BufferedLogger:0x000001017500d8>
`block in send_actions'
`<top (required)>'
  script/generate:3:in `require'
  script/generate:3:in `<main>'

The problem is that the logger in the generator doesn't seem to be the
right type here's the directory method in
railsties/rails_generator/commands.rb which is failing:

        def directory(relative_path)
          path = destination_path(relative_path)
          if File.exist?(path)
            logger.exists relative_path
            logger.create relative_path
  # ...

Instead of an ActiveSupport::BufferecLogger, logger seems like it
should be something else, but I haven't yet been able to figure out
where it's set and what has gone wrong.

Any ideas?

So the following seems to only happen when I run script/generate under
ruby 1.9.1

If I use 1.8.7 script/generate works!

I tracked it down.

The problem was being caused by the log_buddy gem

This adds a logger method to Object which clobbers the Rails generator
script commands logger.

That cost me an hour or two.