Schuerig's Client-Side Validation plugin & IE

I’d just about ‘fallen in love’ with Michael Schuerig’s Client-Side Validation plugin. Until I tried it in IE6&7. It won’t activate the submit button once the fields on the form are valid. Works great in FF. It’s just kick-a$$ in my opinion. Does exactly what I need it to do in FF. I sure would like to use it. But I gotta serve at least IE6&7. Anybody gotten it to work with IE?



The plugin, and the javascript in particular are *intended* to work in
IE6 and newer. I'm using it myself in projects that target these
browsers and it does work there *for me*. However, it is entirely
possible, that you've stumbled upon a case that I didn't test.

A few things I can think of to diagnose and correct what's not working
in your case.

- If you have originally created your app with an older version of
Rails, make sure you're update the JS files:
$ rake rails:update:javascripts

- In IE's advanced(?) options, enable "Show Script Errors" or whatever
it may be called in english. After that, when you edit your form in IE,
do you get any error messages? Usually, they are pretty much useless,
but at least indicate that something is wrong.

- The plugin has a sub-directory jstest containing the file
validator_test.html. Open this file in IE. It runs several automatic
tests of the client-side validator, including for enabling/disabling of
submit buttons. (The README doesn't state it (yet), but only submit
buttons named "commit" are disabled/enabled; however, this doesn't
appear to be the problem as it would affect FF the same.)


Hi Michael,

Thanks much for your reply. I appreciate it, and appreciate knowing that it is working for you. My guess is that my problem is my usage. I'll try your suggestions and, at a minimum, if I can't get it working I'll at least get a succinct test case together. Better yet, maybe I'll figure out what I've screwed up ;-p

Thanks again,