IE problem with submit_tag

I'm having some difficulty with IE8 on a Rails 2.3.5 app. I'll state
from the outset that this problem does not occur with Firefox, Chrome,
or Opera when run on the same system so I'm reasonably certain I've
got an IE issue here.

Here's a simple description:

I'm ending a Users#new form with:
         <p><%= submit_tag, "Sign Up", :disable_with "Patience..." %></

When I tail the development.log I never see this action get posted to
the server. If I use any of the other browsers, the action completes
just fine.

I am using the :disable_with "Patience..." option throughout my
application, for example:
Sessions#new completes with:
         <p><%= submit_tag, "Login", :disable_with "Patience..." %></

This action completes just fine so I assume I'm not having a
submit_tag / :disable_with problem.

One additional inconsistancy I've noticed is, when using IE:

Users#new "Sign Up" requires two clicks to get the greyed
"Patience..." to appear.
Sessions#new "Login" goes to greyed "Patience..." on the first click.

Any help would be much appreciated here.

thanks in advance,

The first thing I would advise is to check that the html is fully
valid. Paste the whole of the page html (from View, Page Source or
similar in your browser) into the w3c html validation site (google
will find it).

If fixing any errors there does not fix it then try loading the page
in firefox with firebug active and clicking the link. This may show
an error.



Spot on, html error that passed the other 3 browsers but not IE.

thanks again,