Schema change on upgrading to rails 7 - Changes engine from innoDB to myISAM

While trying to upgrade to Rails 7 from Rails 6, i ran the RAILS_ENV=development bin/rake db:migrate command. I expected there there would only be the precision:nil change in the schema.rb file. However, i’m also seeing the following changes in my database schema.

  • create_table “company_translations”, options: “ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8mb3”, force: :cascade do |t|
  • create_table “company_translations”, id: :integer, charset: “utf8mb3”, collation: “utf8_unicode_ci”, options: “ENGINE=MyISAM”, force: :cascade do |t|

I couldn’t find anything online related to this. Can anyone please explain to me why the mysql engine is being changed?