changing table ENGINE and db:test:prepare

I have a table that I converted in a migration from InnoDB to MyISAM (so I can add a fulltext index). The migrations all work well on development and deployment environments. My problem is I can not rake db:test:purge and then rake db:test:prepare because the schema.rb that gets generated does not have the engine change in it. I tried to go way back in the migrations (003 back from 068) and put in the :options => 'ENGINE=MyISAM' on the original create_table but the schema.rb still does not have that in it's create_table line.

I'm guessing this is a bug. (how presumptious of me!) Anybody seen this and have a workaround? I would like to be able to run the unit tests.

I know, I looked at ferret and solr. I have my own plugin



Mike Vargo