Hello everyone,

Does scaffold still work in the new rails 2.0?

Thank you,

I read that it is not. Is there any alternative (another command) to
it? Or do you just have to type it out?


Martin Eisenhardt pisze:

Scaffolding still works. The only (albeit somewhat largish) change is
that the "new" scaffolding now generates RESTful controllers. If you
want old-style controllers (or if you need to augment the generated
controllers with yet more actions), you have to code it yourself.


Or use plugin ! :slight_smile:

The other big change in 2 is that you need to type out name:datatype pairs on the call to generate, like so:

  script/generate scaffold Product name:string available_at:date vendor:string description:text



One more difference is that you can create scaffolds through script/
generate but you cannot call a scaffold from the controller like you
used to be able to do.