Scaffolding_extension and HABTM

WHen I have a model that has an HABTM relationship defined within it,
and I am using the scaffolding_extension plugin, should I expect
something specil to be rendered in any of the pages created? For
example, if I go to edit a record that I have specified has an HABTM
relationship, should something specail appear on the page (a list box,
perhaps, where you can select multiple items?).

The reason I ask is because I want to check if I have defined my HABTM
relationships properly. Thanks, Ralph

It depends on how you are calling the scaffold function (specifically
the :habtm option). If you are using scaffold_all_models, then all
the HABTM association pages should be setup, and if you go to edit a
record, under "Associated Records" you should see the HABTM associated
model, as well as an edit link. The edit link takes you to a page
where you can update the associated records.