scaffold_resource possibility - search

I was reading on a blog that the team is considering adding an 8th method ‘search’ to the generator. Any updates or news as to decisions, work , progress ?

TIA Stuart

do you have the link to the blog? a few paragraphs down, under “Support for REST in Rails 1.2”,

“The team is also contemplating the addition of an eighth method, :search.” quoted, hope Christian doesn’t mind.


I don't mind at all. This came straight from DHH's mouth during his keynote at RailsConf Europe. Haven't looked at active resource lately, though so I can't comment on status.

Well if anyone is around from the core team and knows , please share! Stuart

Has anyone put together a nice system for handling ActiveRecord errors and Flash notices in rails XML apps? Maybe by writing a plug-in that always pumps out an XML error object and XML flash object with each XML rendering?

Cheers, Russ